5 Recommended Free WordPress Star Rating Plugins

Several plugins have different uses to your WordPress page. Incredible SEO results can be achieved by the use of plugins that can support your needs. One of the most important is the use of free WordPress star rating plugins.

Except you do not need to purchase for the features, you can have a lot of advantages by using this support to your WordPress. 

Most people would need to have a lot of visitors, that can create a better result on your web page. There is a lot of ways that you can do to have a lot of visitors to see your posts.

One of them is to use the star rating plugins. It can help every people who are using the internet and attract them to come into your posts.

There are several star rating plugins that you can choose, based on its features, compatibility, and other options based on your needs. The visitors can come to your posts, based on your posts rating that can attract them to trust on your website.

Most people are doing these tips, to have a higher visitor number for their site. It is also one of the best ways to show that your posts are different and worth to them to read.

Your visitor’s number is one of the keys to having an SEO friendly results. It would have a meaning that your website has an excellent rich snippet that can be trustable by the visitors. Everything can be done with this free WordPress star rating plugins.

GD Rating System

The first rating star plugin is GD Rating System, which has a lot of features for you to have a different rating star than others. By using a modular structure, that can help you have different rating methods and add various rating features, and you can build your website worth than the other competitors. 

The template that is uses by this system, is using a similar model with WordPress, which allows you to have a different template by overriding the existing or add new templates.

It is also can be useful if you want to have more than one rating system, including a rating for custom types, users, and comments.

The add on a system supporting the shortcake UI plugin, rich snippets, dynamic load, comment integration, posts integration, and feeds support, which is essential to your website.

You can have more than 20 icons in font sections, and also supporting the data transfer from this plugins to another system. It must be useful since this system can be compatible with Gutenberg 2.3 or the latest version.

Yasr – Yet Another Star Rating

A beginner will need a new guide that is quite easy to follow. This plugin can provide you the best guidance to create a better star rating to your website. 

Yasr plugins will provide your website users to create a review and testimonials to your website, without affecting its speed, which is essential to your SEO.

The use of multisets system can create a different aspect to rates for each review. For example, you are posting about the automotive, and you can create an element to scales such as “transmission” “injection” and “design.”

By providing six blocks that can help you to operate the rating system easier, such as overall rating, visitor votes, top 10 reviews, top 10 by visitors votes, most active authors, and most active visitors. Most of the six blocks are important to develop your website’s progress.


WP-PostRating is one of the free WordPress star rating pluginsthat can help you to create a better website performance. You may place a review to the archive and add the rating anywhere.

The latest updates are on 8 months ago, and you can also hide or show the comments inside of your website. One of the essential parts is that WP-PostRating is SEO friendly plugins for your website development.


You need to find the best user-friendly plugins to have a better SEO result; one of the best options is to use this Rating-Widget for your website development.

You can use this plugin to create a rating system for your posts, pages, comments, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and bbPress Forums. There is a lot of custom post type rating that you can choose, with a simple Author Review Rating to increase your website progress.

In free options, you can get the unlimited star and thumb ratings, 1 M page view per month, and rating widget branded.

If you want to add more rating systems for branding, you can choose a starter pack, professional with SEO, Dashboard, and Advance Analytic. Also, for a business rating system that is used to operates a moderation and excellent support. All of these features already have a unique rich snippets system.

KK Star Ratings

Last but not least is KK Star Ratings that is also has a website friendly system as a free WordPress star rating plugin. The system is suitable for your WordPress website, which can define the amount of 5-star rating in your posts, pages, and any other post types.

You do not need to worry that this system already supported the Google Risch Snippets. That can show the star rating in the search result, which may increase the traffic to your website. 

You can have full control of your rating, either you want to enable or disable the rating system and choose the locations based on your needs.

Allowing the guests to vote is the best choice for your website, you can also adjust the number of stars, the numbers, and colors based on your preference. All of the systems are SEO friendly, which it is safe for you to use on your website.


Choosing the best plugins for your website is the essential part of your website development. If you want to increase the traffic into your site, you can use a free WordPress star rating plugins as the example above.

You can differentiate the best rating system based on your needs and several features that are offered to you. 

The essential parts are to understand what is your need, and which one of the rating plugins can provide you the best options, to handle all of your website development.

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